Apple Mac causing internet issues on home network

Posted by in Home, TSHOOT, on July 25, 2017

I recently had issues when my Apple Mac laptop was connected to my home network. In this instance when the laptop was on and connected to the wireless all devices (including the Mac) had really slow internet access. As soon as the laptop was turned off, the network devices could gain access to the internet again without any issue.

I had recently installed VM Fusion so I could run a Windows OS in parallel > this had caused similar issues however I still faced the problem after quitting out of it completely.

I then found in Finder that iCloud Drive was trying to upload 14Gb worth of data. This had been an issue for a colleague of mine recently. I disabled the ‘Desktop & Document Folders‘ within the iCloud options. Everything then sprang into life! I think there should be a schedule option for when to attempt the upload, I will dig further…