Exchange – You can’t send a message on behalf of this user unless you have permissions…

Posted by in Home, Microsoft, on July 25, 2017

So we had an issue today where our account’s members couldn’t send on behalf of accounts@. I had a look at AD and saw everything was still in place in terms of permissions and members etc. Logged on the exchange server and had a look at the mailbox settings specifically ‘Manage Send As Permission..’

If you right click on the mailbox you should see the option below:

This following selection was blank. This meant that nobody could send on behalf on the accounts@ address. This was the repopulated and we needed to include the ‘NT AUTHOITY\SELF’ user.

services.msc was then run and ‘Microsoft Exchange Information Store’ was then restarted. This stopped Outlook running for all users on the network for a brief moment. Users had to restart Outlook to resume but all accounts personnel were then able to send again.