Internet Connectivity Problems – Things to check

Posted by in Home, TSHOOT, on July 25, 2017

As I work for an ISP we ask many customers (post our own line checks) to run through diagnostics. At lot of these checks have fixed a problem so I would urge you to run through the same. Once you’ve done all of these this will speed up the process for your ISP to arrange engineers to come to site.

– Make sure the router is connected to the master socket and not an extension.
– Make sure the router is isolated and not shared with a fax machine for example.
– Run a quiet line test; plug an analogue phone into the phone socket and dial 17070 and select option 2. Listen out for 30 seconds to a minute to make sure it is silent. If noise is present, please contact your phone line provider.
– Turn the router off for 15 minutes and then back on.
– Replace the DSL cable and filter.
– As the router is connected to the master socket, there will be a test port located behind the faceplate. Please remove the 2 screws and carefully disconnect the faceplate from the socket. Plug the filter into the test port located on the right hand side. This will bypass the internal wiring. Do let your ISP know if this connects OK as the socket will need to be looked at by a PSTN engineer.
– If none of the above checks fix the line, the next step would be to replace the router. Please contact your ISP as you may be eligible for a free router if you have purchased one from us in the past.

I would like to add that these are the checks that I ask customers to follow, your ISP may have their own procedures which you should follow. However if these are not within your ISP’s first layer check guide I would beg the question…